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Editorial Policy

Medi2All aims to deliver you the content that is reliable, authentic, and fresh.

Our goal at Medi2All is to provide quality and reasonable healthcare available to one and all. And to achieve that, we follow some very hard standards to make sure you get well-researched and comprehensive healthcare information. All our evidence-based content is curated and reviewed by our experiences team of doctors, medical experts, pharmacists and editors.

We follow a 6-stage review & editorial process for all our content creation.

 Research: Our team starts the process by conducting research to identify areas where there is a lack of quality content. An idea is conceptualized to fill the gap, which is then vetted by our medical experts.

Structure of the content: After the idea is validated, it is slotted into a content category. To maintain consistency, every content piece follows a well-defined structure set for each category.

Content creation: Our expert team prepares content from authentic medical and scientific sources – trusted medical journals, review articles, textbooks,regulatory websites, International and national treatment guidelines, meta-analysis, and systematic reviews.

References: All the facts, claims and statistics in our content are backed by the latest appropriate medical and scientific references.


Content review: After the content is prepared, our editors review it to check for language consistency and readability. Our expert medical team then checks the content thoroughly before it’s published.


Feedback and regular updates: The team considers user feedback to improve the content quality on a regular basis. The content is updated regularly to keep up with the latest research and developments. All the latest safety information related to medicines is incorporated by us.

Framework for Content Creation

We have set parameters that we follow strictly while generating healthcare and medical content. This ensures our information is rich and highly credible. The parameters are:

Fact and medical science based

Publish content that is backed by medical evidence

In sync with the latest developments

Ensure content is regularly updated with the latest medical research and reports

Credible Add references and citations from where information is sourced

Unbiased Generate content that is neutral and isn’t biased towards a product or service

Meets user needs Ensure content is in line with user requirements and in patient friendly language

Authentic Formulate content that is reliable and accurate


The content generated by our editorial team is for informational purpose only and is not an advice or guarantee of outcome. Information is gathered from reputable sources however we are not responsible for errors or omissions in reporting or explanation. We give no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or applicability of the content. The information should not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment of any health-related condition. The content and information provided on this platform shall not be construed to be a substitute of medical advice by a registered medical practitioner. Patients should always consult with a registered medical practitioner for medical advice/information about diagnosis or treatment.Medi2All reserves the right to change the offers, at its sole discretion, at any point in time without giving prior notice.







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