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  • Dr Morepen BG 03 Gluco One Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    Product highlights
    • Helps to track the blood glucose level
    • Provides quick, accurate, and reliable results
    • Designed for household usage
  • Dr Morepen BG 03 Gluco One Glucose Monitoring System with 25 Strip

    Product highlights
    • Helps to monitor the blood glucose level
    • Gives accurate and reliable results
    • Can store up to 300 test results
    • Comes with a large display
  • Dr Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP 09

    Product highlights
    • It helps in monitoring blood pressure at home and can also be used by a professional
    • It detects irregular heartbeat
    • It also detects body movement and gives accurate results
  • Dr Morepen BP-02 Blood Pressure Monitor

    Product highlights
    • Fully automatic blood pressure monitor is a home blood pressure monitor that measures blood pressure, pulse rate and stores the result in memory
    • Offers high-end technology which measures blood pressure on inflation
  • Dr Morepen Combo of BP02 Blood Pressure Monitor and BG03 Glucose Check Monitor

    Product highlights
    • Contains a blood pressure monitor with batteries and a blood glucose monitor with 25 strips
    • Blood Pressure Monitor gives a fast, easy and reliable measurement of the blood pressure levels
    • Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a pulse rate indicator
    • Glucose Check Monitor helps to track the blood glucose level of the body
    • Glucose Check Monitor can memorize up to 300 test results
  • Dr Morepen Gluco One BG 03 Blood Glucose 25 Test Strip

    Product highlights
    • Helps to keep a track of blood sugar level
    • Helps to keep diabetes in control by allowing frequent blood sugar monitoring
    • Simple and convenient to use with a glucometer
    • Provides quick results anywhere and at anytime


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