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  • Dabur Chyawanprash Awaleha 500 gm

    • Mkt: Dabur India Ltd
    • Country of Origin: India
  • Dabur Chyawanprash Awaleha, 1 Kg

    • Mkt: Dabur India Ltd
    • Country of Origin: India
    • 1 kg
  • Dabur Giloy Ki Ghanvati

    • Helps to boost immunity in a natural way
    • Helps to protect you from the risk of infections
    • Helps to fight respiratory problems & improves the symptoms
    • Helps to improve indigestion and other stomach woes
  • Dabur Giloy Neem Juice with Tulsi

  • Dabur Giloy Ras 1 litre

    Mkt: Dabur India Ltd

  • Dabur Immunity Kit (3 Products)

    Product Highlights
    • Helps increase the immunity and protect one’s body from different kinds of diseases
    • The contents of the kit are available in different formats and have properties which help to improve immunity
    • Dabur Giloy Ki Ghanvati increases immunity which helps reduce illnesses
  • Dabur Jamun Neem Karela Juice

    Product Highlights
    • Good for metabolic and digestive health
    • Beneficial for liver and skin health
    • Filled with antioxidant properties and acts as an immunity booster
  • SBL Arsenicum Album Dilution 200 CH

    Product highlights
    • Helps in treating the increased temperature with marked periodicity
    • Provides support in difficult, suffocating, and wheezing respiration with dry cough and spitting of blood with sputum
    • Useful in treating respiratory ailments such as breathing issues
  • Zac-D Chewable Tablet 15’s

  • Garlic Pearls Capsule 100’S

    Mkt: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

  • Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Neem Skin Wellness Tablet

    Product Highlights
    • Helps in purifying blood
    • Used to treat skin infections
    • Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
    • Controls oil secretion on the skin and imparts glow to it
  • Lupin Life Be One Capsule

    Product highlights
    • Ashwagandha is actively engaged in supplying energy, immune building, anti-stressing and helps in improving the cognitive function
    • Building immunity protects the body against viruses and infections, helps to enhance breathing function and improves the liver and gastrointestinal systems
    • Shatavari contributes to creating force, energy and vitality, improving memory and cognitive function
  • Supradyn Tablet 15’s

    Mkt: Piramal Enterprises Ltd

  • Zindagi Tulsi Capsules – Immunity Booster – Pure Punch Tulsi Extract Capsules – 60cap

    • Zindagi tulsi capsules is helps to increase immunity.
    • Tulsi capsules is made of natural tulsi leaves
    • Tulsi capsules is helps to boost energy.
    • Tulsi Extract is a natural Anti-Inflammatory herb.
    • Dosage: – Take 1 capsule twice day.Shelf Life 24 Months.


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