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  • Dabur Arshakuthar Ras Tablet

    Product Highlights
    • Helps to treat and reduce the pain and swelling in the rectum
    • Provides help in treating the discomfort and bleeding due to piles
  • Dabur Chitrakadi Gutika

    • It is used in treating intestinal troubles and dysentery
    • Helps to reduce inflammation and piles
    • Provides treatment in impaired digestion
  • Dabur Nature Care Isabgol Regular

    Product Highlights
    • Helps relieve constipation
    • Helps in treating diarrhoea and the symptoms of anal fissures
    • Help reduce cholesterol level
  • Dabur Pilochek Tablet

  • Hapdco Pilodex Ointment 25gm

    Mkt: HAPDCO

    25 gm Ointment

  • Himalaya Pilex Forte Ointment

    Product Highlights
    • Provides relief from rectal bleeding, discomfort, itching and corrects haemorrhage-related chronic constipation
    • Pilex reduces pain and provides painless faecal evacuation with its local analgesic action
    • As an antimicrobial, it prevents secondary microbial infections in the body
  • Himalaya Pilex Tablet 60 tablets

  • Dabur Pilochek Gel


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