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  • Bakson B33 Cough Drop 30ml

    Mkt: Bakson’s Homeopathy

    Product highlights
    • Unique herbal formulation that are effective bronchi relaxants, expectorants and respiratory demulcents
    • Treats infections, allergies, inflammation and other kinds of issues faced by the respiratory tract
    • Fights against infection and useful in sore throat
    • Treats all types of cough
  • Bakson’s Homoeovit with Alfalfa & Ginseng Syrup 225ml

    Mkt: Bakson’s Homeopathy

    Product highlights
    • Promotes growth and development in children
    • Treats Anaemia, insomnia and general weakness
    • Normalises vital body functions
  • Dabur Chandraprabha Vati

    Product Highlights
    • Helps relieve urinary tract??problems
    • Used for treating indigestion
    • Increases strength in the body
  • Crush Stone Syrup 200ml

    200 ml Syrup


  • Himalaya Cystone Tablet’60

    60 tablets
    Product highlights
    • Contains diuretic, demulcent, and antimicrobial actions
    • Helps to treat and prevent the formation of kidney stones
    • Provides relief in the case of burning micturition (urination)


  • Himalaya Liv. 52 DS Tablet’60

    60 tablets
    Product highlights
    • Helps to protect the liver against hepatotoxins
    • Guards the liver from jaundice and Hepatitis A & B
    • Stimulates the overall growth and appetite of the body
    • Helps to improve the digestion process



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