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  • Revital H Capsule’30

    Mkt: Sun Pharma

    30 soft gelatin capsules

    Product highlights
    • Helps to improve mental alertness and concentration
    • Helps to manage stress and freshens up the mind
    • Supports the normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Revital H Woman Tablet’10

    Mkt: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

    Product highlights
    • Helps to enhance energy and mental fitness
    • Counters weariness and strengthens immunity
    • Helps to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails
    • Provides strength to bones
    • Formulated for females 18 years and above
  • Revital H Woman, 30 Tablets

    Mkt: Sun Pharma

    Product highlights
    • Contains the combination of 12 Vitamins, 18 Minerals and Ginseng – keeps them physically active and mentally alert and maintains overall good health
    • Contains Carbonyl Iron, keeps women active
    • Contains Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Vitamin D for bone health
    • Contains Vitamin B, Vitamin C and other nutrients, meet women’s specific day to day needs
    • Contains anti-oxidants like Biotion, Zinc and Selenium, which helps in maintaining healthy and glowing skin and promote anti-ageing
    • Benefits: Fights weakness, tiredness and fatigue, Keeps you physically active and mentally alert, Increases physical work capacity, Improves concentration, Strengthens immunity, and promotes good health, Maintains healthy skin, hair and nails, Provides bone health, Takes care of general body aches and pains, Helps handle daily stress better, Improves endurance, tolerance and compatibility during stressful times, and lastley, Boosts immunity and energy
  • Revital H, 10 Capsules

    10 Capsules

    Product highlights
    • Energy: Ginseng, B-Vitamins and Iron helps support daily energy needs
    • Mental Alertness: Ginseng improves mental alertness & concentration
    • Reflex Mind: Ginseng helps in increasing your ability to handle stress
    • Immunity: Vitamins and Minerals helps improve your health & immunity
    • Wellbeing: Keeps you active for your daily routine.Boosts immunity and energy


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