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  • Ossivite gm ’15 Tablet

    Mkt: Pfizer Ltd

    15 tablets
  • Surbex Nano Spray 15ml

    Mkt: Abbott

    Product highlights
    • Important for proper functioning of nervous system and improves the immunity system
    • Helps in absorption of calcium and provides strength to the bones and ligament
    • Used to treat and prevent bone disorders such as rickets and osteomalacia
  • Cal 360 Tablet ’10

    Mkt: Cipla Ltd

    10 tablets
  • D-Sol 400IU Drop Mango 30ml

    Mkt: Cipla Ltd

    30 ml Drop
  • Vitomin-D3 Drop 30ml

    Mkt: Cipla Ltd

    30 ml Drop
  • Ferti Pro Sachet 5gm

    Mkt: British Biologicals

    5 gm Granules

  • Sirus Vitamin D Gummy Green Apple 60 Gummies

    Mkt: British Biologicals

    60 Gummies

  • D-Sol Granules 1gm

    Mkt: Cipla Ltd

    1 gm Granules


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