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Enfamil Follow Up Formula A+ Stage 3 (12-24 Months) Powder 400 gm -Tin

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Support your child’s development with the right infant formula from Enfamil A . Our infant formulas help support the infant’s development. Choose from several types of Enfamil infant formula, with trusted products for every stage to help nourish your child’s growth.DHA and ARA:?Enfamil A contains Expert recommended levels of DHA (0.32% of TFA). DHA helps support brain development.Choline and Iron:?Enfamil A contains Choline and Iron. Choline and Iron are important for brain development.Age group: From 12 to 24 months Enfamil A Stage 3 ? Follow up the formulaEnfamil A Stage 3 has DHA at levels that help meet FAO/WHO recommendations for infants of 12-24 monthEnfamil A Stage 3 is a follow-up formula for older infants scientifically designed to provide optimal nutrition from age 12 to 24 months.Enfamil A is trusted by parents and healthcare professionals around the world ? providing optimal nutrition for infants through every stage of development. Feeding Instructions:?This is a powdered formula to be fed after reconstitution with cooled, boiled water. For detailed feeding instructions, please refer to the package label. Proper hygiene, preparation, dilution, use and storage are important when preparing formula.?Enfamil A need to be prepared with water. Please follow instructions for preparation and use given on the product label. Important Notice:Mead Johnson agrees with the World Health Organization and other leading medical and health associations that breast milk is the best and most natural food for babies. About the Brand:?Enfamil A ? is manufactured by Mead Johnson Nutrition. Mead Johnson Nutrition, with over a 100-year heritage, is a world?s leading provider of scientifically advanced pediatric nutrition products.
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Enfamil Follow Up Formula A+ Stage 3 (12-24 Months) Powder 400 gm -Tin

780.00799.00 (-2%)

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