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Kerala Ayurveda Chyavanprash 500 gm

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Kerala Ayurveda Chyavanprash is the original 5000-year-old recipe that can be consumed in all seasons by your entire family to nourish a robust immune response, build better strength and gain longevity.Powered with the goodness of 50 original ingredients- a wild variety of Amla high in Vitamin C, premium organic herbs, exotic aromatic spices, sweetened with ethically sourced, multiflora raw honey, and jaggery. Our Chyavanprash is free from artificial sugar, binders, fillers, and preservatives.The Original recipe of Chyavanprash is a potent herbal formulation that was passed on by the celestial healers- Ashwini Kumaras, to rejuvenate the old and weak Rishi Chyavana. Kerala Ayurveda firmly believes in the unchanged traditions and so we follow this original recipe of Chyavanprash, as mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic text- Ashtanga Hridayam, that will nourish and strengthen your immune system.100% Herbal and Natural | No added Fragrance or Colour | Chemical & Paraben Free | No Mineral Oil or Petroleum by-products used. Kerala Ayurveda is a herbal all-rounder that will protect you and your family with enhanced strength, immunity and longevity. As you experience the rich, earthy flavors of this herbal medicinal jam, you will feel energized and experience balance in all aspects of your life.5000-year-old original recipeMade with unprocessed honey and jaggeryFree from artificial sugars50 original ingredientsImproves overall, immunity strength and longevitySuitable for all age groupsSafe to be consumed in all seasons 1 T-Spoon twice daily, with lukewarm milk or as directed by the physician. If you are vegan, lactose-intolerant/ sensitive, or simply want to skip the milk, you can consume it with a cup of lukewarm water. 100% Herbal and Natural | No added Fragrance or Colour | Chemical & Paraben Free | No Mineral Oil or Petroleum by-products used. If you are pregnant, lactating, diabetic, have loose motions, constipation, low appetite, increased body heat, acidity, or burning sensation please avoid taking Chyavanprash. Chyavanprash is a recipe that is as old as Ayurveda- it is a heritage, a ritual handed down to Sage Chyavana by the celestial healers- Ashwini Kumaras. The original formulation of this mystical, original immune booster is preserved in beautiful lyrical condensed Sanskrit verses of the ancient Ayurvedic text- Ashtanga Hridayam. Kerala Ayurveda delved deep into this ancient text to rediscover the original recipe and without compromising on the quality of ingredients, prepared it in the same way following the ancient manufacturing techniques-just the way they made it for Sage Chyavana, thousands of years back.DISCLAIMER
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Kerala Ayurveda Chyavanprash 500 gm

154.00220.00 (-30%)

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