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Boost Immunity, Anti-Ageing, Improves Haemoglobin and Provides Energy


PropertiesFormPowderIdeal ForMale, FemaleWeight142 (gms)Dimensions7 (cm) x 7 (cm) x 12 (cm)About Organic India Wheat Grass Powder:
In the last few years, wheatgrass has made a big name for itself in the health industry, finally appearing on the list of ?superfoods?. People have been switching from their regular beverages to a nicely made wheatgrass juice because of the health advantages it contains. And those who can?t stand the grassy flavor of the juice, relax. You have a solution in the form of wheatgrass powder. The dried and dehydrated form of the amazing wheatgrass is available everywhere, providing us health in a small spoon.
Wheatgrass generally refers to the food prepared from the cotyledons of the wheat plant (Triticum aestivum). It has great health and therapeutic benefits. It contains 19 amino acids and 92 minerals that enable the body to function at its best. It is commonly known as bread wheat and is cultivated in a greenhouse or under artificial lighting indoors.
Wheatgrass powder is a dietary supplement obtained from extracting the dehydrated juice of wheatgrass. It is prepared from the grass grown naturally on the field for three or more months before being dehydrated.
The primary reason for the numerous health benefits of this powder is its concentrated chlorophyll content (about 70%) in addition to the 98 of 102 earth elements it contains, including calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. It also contains essential enzymes. Chlorophyll is touted to be the blood of the plants; and when consumed by humans, it helps reverse aging, suppress hunger, combat odor, cleanse the blood, and even prevent cancer.
The best part is that unlike wheat, this supplement is gluten-free. Each tablespoon contains only 18 calories. Wheatgrass powder can be mixed in water to make a nutritional drink or it can even be added to juices and smoothies. It contains all the properties of the wheatgrass plant, including nutrients, vitamins, and minerals ? and, that too, in balanced proportions.
Nutritional content of Wheat Grass Powder

Dietary fiber
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E(alpha tocopherol)
Vitamin K
Vitamin B6
Pantothenic acid

Benefits of Wheat Grass Powder
Skin Benefits

Works As A Skin Cleanser

Wheatgrass powder is a great skin cleanser.It exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells. Wheatgrass also facilitates an internal rejuvenating mechanism, enhancing the youthful glow and elasticity of your skin

Treats Acne

Wheatgrass powder, through its detoxification process, prevents the occurrence of breakouts and acne and promotes healthy skin.
Applying a paste made with wheatgrass powder and milk in a 2:1 ratio is effective in treating acne, freckles, black/whiteheads, and skin tan. Use this paste once a week for two months to get amazing results.

Has Antiseptic Properties

Due to its antiseptic properties, wheatgrass powder is ideal for healing bruises, sores, insect bites, rashes, cuts, and scrapes. It also helps in treating rashes due to poison ivy. It soothes boils and heals athlete?s foot.

Promotes Anti-aging

This powder possesses natural anti-aging properties. They aid in rejuvenating the skin cells, thereby slowing down the aging process. Wheatgrass tackles the problem of sagging skin and enhances skin elasticity, thus restoring the youthful glow of your skin.
Also, the abundance of chlorophyll plays an important role in the anti-aging properties of wheatgrass. Chlorophyll is rich in enzymes and superoxide dismutase (a copper based protein found in RBCs) that help scavenge free radicals in the body, thus slowing down the aging process.

Treats Skin Diseases

Wheatgrass has been found to be super-effective in the treatment of various skin diseases, including eczema and psoriasis.

Soothes Sunburnt Skin

Excessive exposure to UV rays can harm your skin and cause sunburns. They are not only extremely painful, but can also cause cancer in the long run.The quick healing as well as anti-inflammatory properties make wheatgrass one of the best remedies for sunburns.
Hair Benefits Of Wheatgrass Powder

Treats Dandruff And Scalp Problems

Rinsing your hair with wheatgrass powder is an effective remedy for dandruff as well as dry and itchy scalp.You can prepare a concoction of wheatgrass powder and normal shampoo and apply it on your hair to repair damaged hair.

Reduces Gray Hair

Premature graying is slowly becoming a problem with the younger generation. You can blame it on your haphazard lifestyle, but there is no denying that dying your hair even before your mom has to can be a little embarrassing.As for everything, nature has the solution for gray hair as well.Wheatgrass powder is effective in restoring the natural color of your hair. Rinse your hair with this powder to prevent graying.
Health Benefits Of Wheatgrass Powder

Aids Digestion

Having wheatgrass can facilitate a smooth digestion process.wheatgrass powder contains certain alkaline minerals that provide relief from ulcers, constipation, and diarrhea. High levels of magnesium also help in relieving constipation.
It is easily digestible and helps to cleanse the colon and restore the acidity levels to normal. Also, wheatgrass helps in maintaining a balance between various bacterial groups to keep your digestive system healthy. If they go off balance, they can make the body prone to diseases and health problems. Wheatgrass enables the harmful bacteria to perish and the good bacteria to develop and thrive.

Formation Of RBCs And WBCs

Wheatgrass powder contains abundant amounts of chlorophyll that helps in increasing hemoglobin production in the body. This increased production enables the blood to carry more oxygen and helps in the formation of red blood cells and white corpuscles

Promotes Weight Loss

Wheatgrass powder can be added to juices or smoothies and can be used as a healthier alternative to other ingredients and flavoring agents.
It provides energy to the body and increases strength, which increases exercise duration and accelerates weight loss. Moreover, this powder helps to control weight gain by stimulating the thyroid gland. This boosts metabolism and prevents indigestion and obesity.
Also, wheatgrass contains the mineral selenium that is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland that, in turn, helps in weight management. So, have wheatgrass powder mixed with water first thing in the morning to lose fat quickly.

Restores pH Balance

Wheatgrass is an alkaline food supplement and it balances the body?s pH levels. Hence, it is beneficial for reducing the acidity in the blood and restoring its alkalinity.

Has Cleansing And Detoxifying Properties

Wheatgrass powder contains excellent detoxifying properties. It contains several minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that reduce inflammation. In this way, it improves cellular strength, detoxifies the bloodstream and liver, cleanses the colon, and protects the organs from carcinogens.

Treats Anemia

The molecular structure of chlorophyll contained in wheatgrass is similar to that of hemoglobin in human blood. The high levels of chlorophyll found in wheatgrass powder, after being absorbed by your body, increase the production of blood and hemoglobin. Hence, it is perfectly logical to conclude that wheatgrass powder helps in curing anemia.

Helps Reduce The After Effects Of Chemotherapy

Chlorophyll present in wheatgrass reduces the harmful effects of radiation. So, wheatgrass powder is often recommended to cancer patients during chemotherapy/radiotherapy.
Chlorophyll and fiber can help in flushing out toxins accumulated in the bodies during chemotherapy and provide relief from the harmful side effects such as burning sensation, constipation, low energy, hair loss, and loss of good cells. Thus, it is one of the natural remedies to reduce the side effects of this treatment and facilitate quick recovery.

Cures Diabetes

Wheatgrass powder is particularly beneficial for diabetics as it helps in regulating blood sugar levels by delaying the absorption of carbohydrates. Thus, this supplement can control diabetes at the primary or advanced stages.

Treats Hemorrhoids

As it has many beneficial nutrients, wheatgrass powder can be used as a natural cure for piles (hemorrhoids). This can be attributed to the presence of chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that have proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of piles. For this purpose, it is recommended to take wheatgrass powder twice a day for three months continuously.

For Dental Health

Wheatgrass powder is a great supplement for treating tooth decay and other dental problems.Massaging your gums with wheatgrass powder can heal gum problems and make your gums tight and firm.

Provides Relief From Pain And Inflammation

This amazing supplement lowers and eliminates general inflammation. Thus, it provides relief from common body aches and pains.

Beneficial For Eyes

Regular consumption of wheatgrass supplements, such as wheatgrass powder, facilitates better vision.?

Treats Foul Breath

Many studies have shown that body and breath odor particularly affect those who don?t have a fiber-rich diet.Scientists state that bad-smelling sweat may indicate problems in digesting dietary fats or a serious magnesium deficiency.Wheatgrass powder clears your blood and eliminates foul odors in your breath and sweat.

Increases Libido

Consuming wheatgrass powder regularly helps in enhancing the reproductive health of both men and women. It also increases vigor and helps in conception.

Helps Reduce Food Cravings

Wheatgrass is loaded with so many essential nutrients that after its consumption, our body doesn?t require any food, at least for some time.It is scientifically proven that some nutrient deficiencies can make you hungry even after a meal.The best way to tackle this problem is to take wheatgrass supplements regularly, without fail.

Improves Immunity

One of the top reasons to have wheatgrass is because it greatly boosts our immune system.As established earlier, it helps increase the red blood cell (RBC) and white blood cell (WBC) counts in our blood. This, along with its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, helps strengthen the immune system.

Stimulates Circulation In The Body

Wheatgrass, with its amazing ability to hike the amount of oxygen in the blood, is an effective tool to stimulate circulation in the system.

Treats Arthritis

Wheatgrass is one of the best home remedies to treat arthritis

Reduces Fatigue

Tiredness often symbolizes sleep deprivation and a weak immune system, which can be effectively treated with the help of wheatgrass.This amazing ingredient contains chlorophyll, which, apart from boosting our immune system, also assists in cell regeneration. This, in turn, helps heal our body and reduces fatigue.Additionally, chlorophyll helps boost our adrenal system, which is essential for the prevention of chronic fatigue.

Good For The Liver

Wheatgrass is great for your liver.With its detoxifying properties, wheatgrass can revitalize your liver.Wheatgrass regularly can protect the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol.

Helps Stabilize Lipid Levels

This natural ingredient improves the lipid levels, making it a great tool to manage the cholesterol levels.continuous feeding of wheatgrass reduced hyperlipidemia in rats, which proves that it helps keep cholesterol under control.

Clears Sinus Congestion

Wheatgrass has anti-inflammatory properties that make it an ideal home remedy to clear clogged sinuses.

Prevents Cancer

As explained earlier, wheatgrass helps in blood oxygenation, which can be a major reason for its anti-cancer properties. Cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment. This can easily be countered with the help of wheatgrass.
Additionally, this ingredient has enzymes that help fight carcinogens and reduce the toxic load of radiation. So, have a glass of wheatgrass juice first thing in the morning to prevent cancer.

Helps Cure A Hangover

The after effects of drinking too much alcohol can be really annoying, especially when you have to deal with a hangover.
Wheatgrass juice is highly alkaline in nature, which helps neutralize the acidity in the blood caused by the alcohol intake.

Helps Improve Mood

Wheatgrass also helps uplift your mood in a number of ways.It is rich in vitamin K and magnesium. It boosts the adrenal system and helps your body deal with stress. Additionally, wheatgrass contains a good quantity of iron, the deficiency of which can cause fatigue that eventually worsens your mood. It also helps fight depression.

Nail Health

Weak, brittle, and yellow nails indicate poor circulation and lack of iron in your diet, which can easily be corrected with the help of wheatgrass. As established earlier, wheatgrass helps boost the RBC count in the blood, thus providing life to the lackluster nails.

Eases Menstrual Pains

Irregular and painful menses are often due to the deficiency of vitamins and minerals like niacin and magnesium in your body.Wheatgrass is abundant in all types of vitamins and minerals, which makes up for any deficiency in your diet.

Combats Bowel Inflammation

Wheatgrass has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help fight bowel inflammation, including Crohn?s disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS).

Beneficial During Pregnancy

Those expecting a baby should definitely include wheatgrass in their diet.As we already know, wheatgrass is full of essential earth nutrients that promote healthy growth of the fetus. Additionally, its regular consumption boosts hemoglobin production in the body, which, in turn, prevents anemia.
Wheatgrass powder also alleviates pregnancy-related digestive issues like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea by regularizing bowel movements. For best results, try having wheatgrass powder when your stomach is empty.

For Kidney Health

Wheatgrass is very beneficial for those suffering from polycystic kidney disease.Consuming wheatgrass powder regularly has shown to relieve the subsequent symptoms of kidney cysts, including severe back pain and abdominal pain. Wheatgrass also helps slow down the growth rate of the cysts, thus killing the root of the problem.
Dosage of Organic India Wheat Grass Powder:
2 tablespoon once a day, or as directed by your doctor/dietician.
Precautions for Organic India Wheat Grass Powder:

Store in a cool,dry place.
Keep away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of children’s reach.
Do not exceed the prescribed dosage.

Why Organic India?
ORGANIC INDIA is a pioneer in bringing to the market, a range of organic-certified herbal formulations with no side-effects. These are 100% vegetarian and boost your fitness and overall wellness. The hygienically manufactured capsules, pack in a wealth of Ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Amlaki, Tulsi, Moringa, Triphla and Turmeric that keep lifestyle diseases at bay. The no-chemical range, packed in glass bottles, is powered to give you clear skin, build up stress-resistance, immunity, mental fitness, energy, sound sleep, good memory and alertness.?Terms and ConditionsWe have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.DISCLAIMER

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Boost Immunity, Anti-Ageing, Improves Haemoglobin and Provides Energy

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