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Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons Pack of 3


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Product highlights
  • Helps to make the menstruation period easy
  • Tackles the stains and stress with ease and convenience
  • Applicator tampons come with an attached string that facilitates the whole process of inserting and removing them easily

About the Brand

Periods can be one of the most stressful and tiring days for a woman. But menstrual hygiene shouldn’t be. With Tampons, Sanity pledges to make women feel liberated and active.

With it’s easy to use technology, our tampons are designed to keep leakages, stains and rashes away. Embrace freedom with Sanity tampons.

Applicator Tampons

Sanity Applicator Tampons are an ideal and right choice for women who are just getting started with these cylindrical alternatives to pads.

Our tampons come with an attached string that facilitates the whole process of inserting and removing them easily and an applicator that helps push it inside you.

Here, the hard work is left to the applicator, making it a smoother feat for you.

With Tampons with Applicators, your ‘time of the month’ goes by with minimal mess and zero discomfort.

Key features

– Pack of Regular Applicator Tampons – 3 units each. Recommended for light to medium flow days.

– Made with quality materials that eliminate the risk of irritation and rashes.

– Our tampons are safe, comfortable, tailored to your needs & facilitate participation in all activities such as swimming and exercises that you may otherwise avoid.

How to insert?

1. Wash your hands thoroughly and remove the wrapper. Sit with legs apart or raise one foot on the lid of the toilet and relax.

2. Check that the removal cord hangs down through the inner tube and that it is knotted. Pull the inner tube out of the outer tube until you feel a click.

3. Hold the applicator at the grooved rings with your thumb and finger. Place the rounded end of the applicator at the entrance to the vagina.

4. Gently ease the applicator in, sliding it in towards your lower back until your finger and thumb are touching your body.

5. Continue to hold the outer tube firmly and use your index finger to push the inner tube completely into the outer tube. The tampon should now be in place.

6. Withdraw both tubes, leaving the cord hanging outside your body. The tubes and wrapper should be disposed of into a waste bin. Wash your hands again. If you can feel the tampon, then it has not been inserted far enough. Remove the tampon and insert another one

How to remove?

Relax and gently pull the withdrawal cord. If the tampon feels that it can be withdrawn easily then remove it. If you feel resistance it is an indication that you may be using a tampon with too high an absorbency for your flow. In any event ensure that you change your tampon at least every 4 to 6 hours (maximum 8 hours).

Safety Precaution

Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but a serious disease that may be fatal.

For your health and safety, please read and save the enclosed information leaflet.

In case you have suffered from TSS, consult your physician before using these tampons.

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Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons Pack of 3


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