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Helps In Maintaining Sugar Levels, Anemia, Cough, Cold, Weak Memory


About Gudhal Phool Churanurna

Gudhal or Jawakusam is a flowering plant belonging to the family of Malvesi family. Its botanical name is – Hebecus Rosa Sinensis. (Hibiscus plant) Gudhal’s plant is a common plant. But if its properties are seen then it is very special and is full of health treasures. The flowers which are on Gudhal tree are very beneficial and beneficial. These flowers can be seen all over the place, they are very beautiful.?

Ingredients Of Gudhal Phool Churanurna

Gudhal -?

Indications of Gudhal Phool Churanurna?
1. For ?Cholesterol

Tea made from Gudahal leaf is very effective in reducing LDL cholesterol. The elements found in it prevents the plac from freezing in the arteries, which reduces cholesterol levels. Antici-oxidant is found in Gudhal flowers, which also controls blood pressure with lowering cholesterol. For this, it is beneficial to drink flowers by boiling its flowers in hot water. And you can also consume tea made from its leaves.

2. In Diabetes

Regularly for diabetes or diabetes , you should start consuming 20 to 25 leaves. It is your treatment of diabetes, its plant is easily available from nursery and you can put it in the house.

3. For kidney stone

If you have a kidney problem then you will get the benefit of kidney stone problem by consuming tea made of gooseberry leaf. The benefit of this tea is also for depression.

4. For Removing Cheek Bladder Stone ?

Method of use ?Coarsely powder powder one-spoon dry at least one and a half hour after eating the food, and after the meal, crack it with hot water. It is a bit bitter. So keep the mind too grateful. But it is not so bitter that you can not eat it. It’s easy to eat it. There is nothing to eat after this.?

5. Hibiscus Benefits to Increase Memory Power ?

Gurdahal sarbatta gives strength to the heart and mind and it enhances your memory power, which is troubled by the problem of memory loss with increasing age and when the memory begins to weaken at a young age, then Gudhal can solve this problem. It is also very effective. Take 10 leaves of Gudhal and 10 flowers. After drying and grinding them, make powder and keep it closed in an air tight compartment twice daily Taking this powder with th is a significant increase in your memory power. ?

6. Benefits of Coughing Hibiscus Benefits for Mouth Fingers

If you have been blotched in the mouth then you will be chewed chewing gum leaves. To increase salivation and make digestion power and chew 3-4 leaves of cough for mouth ulcers should be chewed. ???

7. Benefits In Benevolent Coughing in Winter ?

Gudahal contains a high amount of vitamin C when it is consumed in tea or other forms, it is beneficial for colds and coughs , this will give you relief from winter soon.

8. Benefits of Cuddle for Hair ?

Make a paste by grinding the fenugreek seeds , gudhal and berry leaves, and put it in the hair for 15 minutes, it will make your hair roots strong and healthy. ?Gudhal flowers are very effective in removing this problem, they not only stop the hair fall, but use it in a different shining hair starts to appear – 6 of Gudhal -8 Grind the leaves well and apply it well in the head and scalp. After 3 hours, wash with lukewarm water, nourish this scalp and increase the hair growth. It is very beneficial.To make hair beautiful and black, you can also use the egg with a coconut flower. For this, first grind the flowers of Gudhal or the leaves, then add one egg in it. Apply this mixture to the hair roots. Regular use of this mixture will return the lost glow of your hair.

9. Advantages ??to increase disease resistance ?

It is also beneficial in fever and proliferation. To make this syrup, add hundred flowers of coconut and put it in a glass vessel, add 20 lemon juice and cover it. After clogging at night, after brushing it with hands, filter this juice with cloth. Add 80 grams sugar candy + 20 grams of garlic extract + 20 gram pomegranate juice + 20 gram orange juice and cook on low flame.

10. Benefits of the flower of Gudhal in itching and irritation ?

Gudhal ke fayde gives you relief from the inflammation of Gudhal as well as problems like itching and burning. Grind the leaves of coconut well in a mixie and apply it on the part of the inflammation and burning it will solve the problem within a few minutes.

11. Brighten the face?

Antricot, Iron and Vitamin C, the cough leaves help to eliminate facial wrinkles and stains. For this you boil its leaves in water and grind it and mix it with honey and put it on the face. ?Tell you that coconut leaves also work anti-aging. It removes free radicals from the body and makes the skin beautiful.If you have a lot of acne on your face then grind the leaves of red coarsely and grind them in water and mix honey in it and apply it on acne then you will get relief in acne.

12. Benefits of Gudhal Flowers In ?Anemia?

Women often have anemia problem due to iron deficiency, but very few people would know that treatment of anemia is also possible with the flower of coconut. You can dry 40-50 puffed buds and then mix them well Close it in the air tight compartment and take this powder with a cup of milk daily in the morning and evening. In just one month, the problem of anemia will be solved and it also increases stmina.

13. Hibiscus Benefits for periods

To fight against many diseases of the body, it is very important to have strong resistance to disease resistance. Gudhal leaves give energy to the body and increase the immunity level. Its leaves are very useful in menopause and menstruation. The women who do not get the menstrual period at the right time, they should drink tea of ??Gudhal leaves. During menopause, women should drink dry leaves and drink hot water.?

Dosage/Directions for use of Gudhal Phool Churanurna

1 to 2 tea spoon twice daily with water after meals.

Precautions of Gudhal Phool Churanurna
Take this medicine in precise dose and for limited period of time, as advised by doctor.?
Over-dosage may cause indigestion and diarrhoea.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.
?Store in a dry cool place.
It should not be consumed either by the lactating women or in pregnancy.
The women who take contraceptive pills should not take it.
People taking hormone therapy should not take it.
It reduces blood sugar so people with hypotension should not consume it.
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Helps In Maintaining Sugar Levels, Anemia, Cough, Cold, Weak Memory

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Tansukh Gudhal Phool Churanurna (100g)


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