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WOW Activated Charcoal Face Wash for Blackheads, Pimples & Oily Skin – 100 ml

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100 ml Face Wash

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  • Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne
  • Activated charcoal, when used in a face wash, binds to and helps pull the dirt out of your pores, making them less visible
  • Used in a cleanser or mask, activated charcoal can pull the unwanted excess oils from your skin, leaving it smooth
  • With its slightly gritty texture, activated charcoal is good for skin exfoliation
  • Activated charcoal can be used to gently face away acne scars and blemishes
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About Charcoal Face Wash   Get rid of pollutants on skin and revive your dull, aging skin with Activated charcoal face wash. It helps to removing these toxins by drawing out and trapping these impurities, releasing the clogged pores to breathe life into your skin again. It also works as natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, with antimicrobial properties that help prevent skin infections. It gently hydrates and refreshes the skin using natural ingredients like coconut oil, orange peel oil and aloe vera gel extracts to provide nutrients that balance the skin.WOW Skin Science Charcoal face wash is a nourishing clear gel that contains tiny black beads filled with activated charcoal and tiny green beads filled with tea tree essential oil. These beads burst gently on lathering and start their purpose of trapping pollutants, toxins, dirt and impurities which is done by the black beads containing activated charcoal; whereas the green beads which contain the tea tree essential oil disinfects, heals and soothes the skin. It helps in making the skin feel cleaner and fresher than before with every wash


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WOW Activated Charcoal Face Wash for Blackheads, Pimples & Oily Skin - 100 ml

247.00249.00 (-1%)

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